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Welcome to Grant Gustin Brasil the main source about Grant Gustin. Here you'll find photos, news, videos and stuff about him. Thomas Grant Gustin (born January 14, 1990), better known as Grant Gustin, is an American theater and television actor from Norfolk, Virginia. Make yourself home.

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Grant Gustin Brasil

"Thank you guys always. You're the best. Happy 2year"Grant Gustin on GGBR.
Thanks Grant Gustin for always give us a little part of your time since 2011. Read more.

This blog is purely dedicated to the talented, CW's new Flash, Grant Gustin. What you will see are posts about him, whether that be photos of him, his characters, information on upcoming roles and more. Stay tuned for everything Grant Gustin related. GrantGustinBrasil is a fansite and is in no way associated with Grant, his family, friends or management.

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01st Aug 2014 1:46am | 3 hours ago 9 notes

From 'Warcraft' to Wonder Woman: Who Won and Lost at Comic-Con - Hollywood Reporter

Winners: Arrow and The Flash

In its third year, The CW’s Arrow capitalized on its critical and ratings momentum with the reveal of prominent DC villain Ra’s al Ghul — played by Liam Neeson in Nolan’s trilogy — as the new big bad. The Flash also dazzled in Hall H, with Arrow’s Stephen Amell passing the superheroic torch to Grant Gustin.

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30th Jul 2014 1:43pm | 1 day ago 5 notes

I thought running was ridiculous. Ironically.

30th Jul 2014 11:30am | 1 day ago 412 notes

SDCC: CW’s The Flash Signing w/ Grant Gustin [source]

30th Jul 2014 2:52am | 2 days ago 37 notes


Grant Gustin at the DC TV event.


Grant Gustin at the DC TV event.

30th Jul 2014 2:43am | 2 days ago 20 notes

So what’s the appeal of this character for you? I mean, how do you see him and what’s the appeal? x

29th Jul 2014 11:36pm | 2 days ago 355 notes

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