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Welcome to Grant Gustin Brasil the main source about Grant Gustin. Here you'll find photos, news, videos and stuff about him. Thomas Grant Gustin (born January 14, 1990), better known as Grant Gustin, is an American theater and television actor from Norfolk, Virginia. Make yourself home.

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Grant Gustin Brasil

"Thank you guys always. You're the best. Happy 2year"Grant Gustin on GGBR.
Thanks Grant Gustin for always give us a little part of your time since 2011. Read more.

This blog is purely dedicated to the talented, CW's new Flash, Grant Gustin. What you will see are posts about him, whether that be photos of him, his characters, information on upcoming roles and more. Stay tuned for everything Grant Gustin related. GrantGustinBrasil is a fansite and is in no way associated with Grant, his family, friends or management.

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23rd Jul 2014 3:01am | 1 hour ago 27 notes

Facebook Q&A: Stephen Amell talks about Arrow/The Flash crossovers

23rd Jul 2014 1:09am | 3 hours ago 16 notes

grantgust #regram #jettlife @tha_los

grantgust #regram #jettlife @tha_los

23rd Jul 2014 12:32am | 4 hours ago 19 notes


23rd Jul 2014 12:18am | 4 hours ago 63 notes

Grant Gustin Talks Training For The Flash

22nd Jul 2014 9:48pm | 6 hours ago 25 notes

''It’s really hard being in the suit. They made it as comfortable as possible now. I like the suit, it’s cool to be in but I mean when we’re shooting…it’s hot in Vancouver right now. We’re shooting outside, I mean it’s intense. That’s exhausting. We’ve got to keep me hydrated and keep me cooled off.''

Grant Gustin about The Flash’s suit [x]
22nd Jul 2014 6:18pm | 10 hours ago 10 notes

Grant Gustin Teases The Flash Suit, A Different Barry Allen, Felicity Crossover & More

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22nd Jul 2014 6:01pm | 10 hours ago 4 notes

''I really, really love it. It’s more guys, which is cool, because most of my [Glee] fans have been younger girls. So, it’s cool to get guys that are excited about something that I’m really excited about too, and they’re really passionate, and it’s cool. Everyone’s really excited about the show, and it just gets me more excited.''

Grant Gustin about the difference between Glee and Flash fans [x]
22nd Jul 2014 3:22pm | 13 hours ago 7 notes

The Flash: Grant Gustin On Father Scenes, Costumes & Crossovers | KSiteTV

22nd Jul 2014 3:18pm | 13 hours ago 4 notes

thecw_pr @grantgust & @rickcosnett looking dapper for TCA! #theflash

thecw_pr @grantgust & @rickcosnett looking dapper for TCA! #theflash

21st Jul 2014 6:43pm | 1 day ago 9 notes

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